Our Supporters

To all our supporters and donators, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. With your help and support, we have been able to give more than 1000 FREE classes to Women around the country in the last 20 years; that is thousands of safer Women and families thanks to your support!

We are proud to list our most supportive companies over the last two decades, that have given charitable donations and FREE classes to our communities and Neighborhoods.

To you all

We could not have done it without you!

Here is a list of our top supporters

Our Top Supporting Companies

  1. Network World News Visit Website – NetworkWorldNews
  2. Blackbelt Association Visit Website – BlackbeltAssociation
  3. United World Muay Thai Association Visit Website – Uwmta.org
  4. Maria Papapetros Visit Website – Mpapapetros
  5. City of Sugar Land,TX Visit Website – Sugarlandtx.gov
  6. Blue Tiger Martial Arts Visit Website – Bluetigermartialarts
  7. Powerhouse Gym Visit Website – PowerHouseGym
  8. Fort Bend MMA Visit Website – FortBendMMA
  9. World MMA Visit Website – WorldMMA
  10. City of New York Visit Website – New York City
  11. Bradford Combat Academy Visit Website – BradfordCombatAcademy

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